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Have You Tried the Nutella Calzone at S. Egidio in Ridgewood?



No more fighting over what toppings to place on your pie. At S. Egidio, pizza gets personal. That's because everyone gets his or her own pie at this Ridgewood pizzeria! Be sure to order the crowd-favorite Carciofotta. It's a pizza with artichoke creme, pancetta, fresh egg, and shaved black truffle. You should also try the […]

All-Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes This Summer



You spray and swat, but most of the time, you still end up itching and scratching after the night is through. Luckily, these all-natural mosquito repellents will help you to keep the pesky bugs away — without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or additives. Lavender oil. Create a simple mixture of 30 drops of […]

Hey Pokémon Go Players!


Hey Pokémon Go players, there is an opportunity to capture rare Pokémon at the NY Waterway Ferry! When? Saturday August 6th, 2016 at only at our Weehawken, Port Imperial, and 39th St. Midtown NY Terminals. They say between 11am -3pm, special lures will be placed. Don’t forget, you can make a day of it, and […]

Eat Fresh and Local at the Riverview Farmers’ Market



The Riverview Farmers’ Market is one of the best in the area, providing not only fresh, local produce and foods, but also family-friendly events and entertainment. Located in Jersey City Heights, Riverview Farmers’ Market offers locally grown produce, grass-fed beef, homemade cheeses and butter, free-range eggs and chicken, and baked goods, as well as artisan […]

Damage-Free Ways to Display Wall Decor at Twenty50 by Windsor



When you live in a rental, you want to leave behind as little damage as possible to keep the unit in top shape (and insure that ever-important security deposit). In many cases, that means finding new and creative ways to hang posters, paintings, and other wall decor without taking a hammer to the walls. Here […]

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